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Can't sleep - Can't lose weight? Did you know that they are related?

Dr. Steelman developed ACTIVE 8 for his patients who were always tired and having trouble losing weight. In his clinical trials, more than 83% of his patients reported significant increases in energy and lost weight while taking ACTIVE 8.
Yet, because there are no drugs in ACTIVE 8, it will not affect your sleep. It simply allows your body to release the stored up energy from your body fat and start to burn it much more efficiently.

Contains No Drugs - No Ephedra - No Caffeine!

Over 50,000 People are Experiencing the Benefits of Active 8 Right Now!

ACTIVE 8 helps you convert your fat to energy so you can do all those things you want to do!  It is guaranteed to work for you or your money back. ACTIVE 8 is a unique combination of natural minerals that allows your body to utilize the energy already stored. Your energy increases, your stamina increases and your fatigue decreases.

Just one capsule a day for 30 days and you'll feel the difference!

ACTIVE 8 has no drugs or artificial stimulants. You have nothing interfering with your body's natural process. You have lots of energy during the day and you sleep like a baby at night. ACTIVE 8 your energy, vitality and stamina. Try it for yourself!

How Does Active 8 Work?

Inside our cells are energy generators called mitochondria. It is here that energy is burned to make your body function. ACTIVE 8 is taken in by the mitochondria and turns your cells from a sluggish old piston engine into jet engines of efficiency.

ACTIVE 8's unique patented formula includes important minerals that your body uses to metabolize fat into energy. Most of us lack these important nutrients in our modern processed foods causing our bodies to decrease its ability to metabolize blood sugars and burn fat.

But that's not all ACTIVE 8 does for you!  ACTIVE 8's primary ingredients are the most absorbable forms of magnesium and potassium - which are important for more than 300 metabolic functions in your body.  Minerals that most people don't get enough of in their daily diet regimen. Read on to learn more about the great benefits that ACTIVE 8 can give you.

Take Active 8 to Feel Great!

Doctor Developed - Clinically Proven To Work - 100% Guaranteed! 


Facts That You May Not Know

Fast food, diuretics, alcohol, caffeine, refined and processed food, weight loss programs, illness and the fast paced stressful lives of everyone today creates the need for magnesium and potassium supplementation. Even certain prescription medicines can contribute to these mineral deficiencies.

Magnesium is an essential macro mineral, like calcium, and quickly leaves the body. Decreased levels of magnesium have been shown to be related to high blood pressure (read more here), kidney stones, heart disease, fatigue and PMS syndrome.

Potassium is an essential mineral, absorbed quickly in the small intestine and functions with magnesium and calcium in the regulation of neuromuscular activity. It is essential for normal growth, to stimulate nerve impulses for muscle contraction and preserve proper alkalinity of the body fluid, regulating the water balance and acid-base balances in the blood and tissues.

Active 8's unique patented formula includes these very important minerals that your body needs!



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