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Nature's Prescription Foods
Here are a few examples for you to chew on...

YOU MAY NOT need  to take cough syrup ó
Bananas can calm a CHRONIC cough.

DONíT ALWAYS HAVE to take tranquilizers  ó

Strawberries can reduce STRESS and calm ANXIETY.

DONíT ALWAYS HAVE to suffer a heart attack  ó

Walnuts can thin your blood and help prevent clots.

HIGH BLOOD Pressure?
Try munching some ALMONDS to bring it down to earth.
LOWER your cholesterol ó
with a TUNA FISH SANDWICH. Itís packed with this mineral proven to lower LDL levels.
Sure, shrimp is high in CHOLESTEROL ó
but only the GOOD kind! Researchers give shrimp the heart-healthy thumbs up.
Say ďplease pass the PISTACIOSĒ ó

and cut your risk of heart attack by half!

 Donít worry, be HAPPY!
The research says that having hope actually reduces your RISK of stroke.

HOLY guacamole!
This delicious dip is full of two minerals that help steady your heartbeat.

DON'T PEEL that potato ó
Eating the whole spud will protect you from DIABETES .