Can't sleep
Don't Sabotage Your Diet with Lack of Sleep!


It's True - Research Shows Consistent Links
between Obesity & Sleep Deprivation!


If you want to lose weight and you are not being successful, then you should probably take a look at your sleeping habits.  According to the recent study done by Stanford School of Medicine, you may gain weight if you do not get enough sleep.   

Here is what happens: the lack of sleep makes your body produce more of a hormone called ghrelin and decreases the amount of the hormone leptin in your system.  Ghrelin is a hormone that tells your body that you are hungry - it triggers the appetite.  So the more ghrelin you have in your system, the more you eat!  The research done at Stanford showed that there was a 14.9 increase of ghrelin in those patients who slept an average of 5 hours vs. those that got an average of 8 hrs of sleep.  Not only that - the results were the same whether the participant was male, female, body type, eating habits, or exercise programs.

Leptin is another hormone that is produced by the fat cells in your body.  If you have too little leptin in your system, it tells your body that you are starving and increases your appetite. When researchers studied the effects of sleeping habits on leptin hormone levels, it showed a 15.5 decrease in the same studied patients who slept an average of 5 hrs as compared to those who slept consistently for 8 hrs.

How does all this relate to Active 8?  Studies have consistently linked improvements or increases in magnesium and potassium aspartates (key ingredients in Active 8) to normal levels in the body helping folks metabolize body energy properly and reverse fatigue symptoms enabling them to get a better night's sleep.  If your body runs more efficiently, it sleeps better too!  All in all, a vicious cycle: not enough sleep causes fatigue, stress, mental impairment which could cause you to gain weight too!  So take your Active 8 and feel great!

 I guess in this instance, you truly can say:
You Are What You Sleep!  Beauty is More than Skin Deep!