B-Active has been shown to be
  helpful for conditions related to:

     √ Fatigue
     √ Depression
     √ Hypertension
     √ Anemia
     √ Dermatitis
     √ High Homocysteine Levels
     √ Water Retention
     √ Memory & Aging Problems
     √ Prevent Birth Defects

  Plus many more!*

Why is B-Active Different?

B-Active is time-released, which means you won't be wasting your money with our product. With over the counter B vitamins, your body absorbs only a small portion of what you have taken and you then expel or pass off the balance of what your body doesn't need at that moment in time (therefore wasting the money you spent on those vitamins). B-Active stays in your system ALL DAY giving you full benefit and value of your dollars spent. You feel good all day every day!

Not all ingredients are equal in quality!

Not only are you getting more value for your money with
B-Active, but you are also guaranteed the highest quality available. Our pharmaceutical laboratory that manufactures B-Active is USP rated by the FDA, giving it one of the industry's highest ratings that guarantees that what is supposed to be in the product really is in there. It means that you can be assured that you get the finest and highest quality product available anywhere - not imported from overseas with substandard ingredients and fillers like so many over the counter supplements.

Do You Take B-12 Shots on a Monthly Basis?

You may want to consider trying B-Active instead. Many of our customers report that they are able to quit taking the monthly shots because B-Active makes them feel better EVERYDAY - not just after they receive their shots. Plus, taking B-Active is much cheaper than the shots too!

Part of the Active 8 family of fine products!

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