Stress - is a major factor in many lives today. Between the fast-paced lives we all live to the everyday worries and concerns with family, jobs, relationships, world events and so much more, it's no wonder so many people experience stress in their lives.

But now there is help -
All day long!

The effects of stress on the body can be devastating. Scientists have determined that increased stress can significantly affect the heart, increase blood pressure, affect your blood cells making it difficult to fight infections, cause chronic fatigue, headaches, affect the central nervous system, make asthma attacks worse and cause you to take up behaviors that increase your risk for death like drug abuse, smoking, alcoholism and obesity.
And because over the counter B vitamins do not stay in your system all day, B-Active is different. It is time-released to give you the most for your money that you pay for your vitamins by being absorbed all day long!
  B-Active has been shown to be
  helpful for conditions related to:

     √ Fatigue
     √ Depression
     √ Hypertension
     √ Anemia
     √ Dermatitis
     √ High Homocysteine Levels
     √ Water Retention
     √ Memory & Aging Problems
     √ Prevent Birth Defects

  Plus many more!*

PMS/Natural Diuretic: B-Active aids in the prevention of water build up in the tissue and helps maintain balance of sodium and potassium which regulate body fluids. Mental depression occurs in a significant group of women on the pill, and successfully treated in the same group by the administration of B6.

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