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"I started taking B-Active because my family doctor told me it would make a difference in how I felt by the end of the day. He recommended B-Active and explained that regular B vitamins dump all their product into the body at one time and I would get a quick energy boost for awhile, but it would wear down after a few hours. With B-Active, that simply doesn't happen. My energy stays all day. Thank you for another fine product." - Marilyn Costner, St. Charles, LA

"I never realized there was a difference in Vitamin B products until I took B-Active. It's all the difference in the world!" -Sidney Polland, Camdon, NJ

"The difference in timed release is phenomenal. The energy lasts all day, I don't swollen up before my cycle. I can't do without it!" - Caroline Bray, DuQuoin, IL

"I sleep better, wake up faster, work better, live better. Could I say it any clearer?" - Frank Coplin, Norman, OK

"I hate to say this, but B-Active helps me get through my hangovers in the morning." (Withhold my last name please) - Joe S., Cody, WY

I was a victim of stress. My job, the kids, being President of my PTA, it was too much. My doctor suggested a vitamin B complex to help with the stress. He also told me to check out B-Active. He said he had read about it and thought it was the right one for me because of the timed release properties. He was right! I am handling my duties and obligations much better these past few weeks and love this stuff. Put me on the autoship please." - Jeannine Jones, Atlanta, GA



"Where has this stuff been? Why didn't you release this 10 years ago? I can't believe how much money I've dumped into vitamins that don't work very well. That's not the case here, B-Active really works!" - Evert Longsdon, Los Angeles, CA

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