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Congratulations on your decision to achieve Better Health and a Better Life for yourself! The Active 8 Better Health Better Life Diet Program is designed to help lead, guide and encourage you through this most challenging time period: losing weight. You are doing the right thing in trying to help yourself gain a healthy weight and lifestyle. We applaud and commend you for your efforts - it's not easy!

The following links are weekly sessions to give you support in the various areas of reasons why most people have trouble losing weight. They are designed for education, motivation and self reliance and to help keep you on track in order for you to reach your weight loss goals. It is strongly recommended that you find a "partner" to help you and support you as you work on your diet program. The links to the following pages have terrific exercises that can be of great benefit to you and especially if you do with someone who is seeking to lose weight too. It can be a friend, marriage partner, family member - anyone who also cares about you and wishes for you to succeed. Research has shown that having a buddy to check in with and be accountable to greatly increases the chances for your success. So find someone to buddy with you and share your successes together!

If you would like to start your own weight loss group, contact us - we will help you get started! Should you ever have any questions about the program, donít hesitate to call the Active 8 office at 1-800-465-4411 for help or advice.

Dr. Michael Steelman 
The Importance of Using the Online Journal     Link to the Active 8 Online Weight Loss Journal
Session 1 - Getting Started! Session 9 - 20 Tips on Weight Control
Session 2 - Changing the Way We Think Session 10 - Reasons We Eat
Session 3 - Increasing Activity Levels Session 11 - Late Night Snacking
Session 4 - Triggers to Eating Session 12 - Stress - Part 1
Session 5 - Nutrient Dense Foods Session 13 - Stress - Part 2
Session 6 - Eating Out Session 14 - Staying Motivated
Session 7 - Fitness Tips Session 15 - Surviving Fast Food
Session 8 - Importance of Sleep Session 16 - Oh No, The Weight Loss Plateau!

Transitioning off the Diet


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If you have general questions regarding the diet program, please email info@active8products.com and your questions will be answered. If you have a specific medical question for Dr. Steelman, then please email doctor@active8products.com for a confidential reply from Dr. Steelman. We also appreciate and welcome any and all suggestions - you can email those to info@active8products.com and we will take those in consideration too.