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Research on Virus Traps & How Zinc Helps Boost Your Immune System

If you have read the news lately, you may have seen the latest research from the University of Virginia's scientists' and presented at a conference of a joint meeting between the American Society for Microbiology and the Infectious Diseases Society of America1 that confirm that the most likely place to "catch" a cold from your own home is the remote control and the refrigerator handle. Other hotspots: doorknobs, bathroom faucets, phones, salt and pepper shakers, and dishwasher handles were prime areas that retained germs long after the infected person handled such items. Researchers found that cold sufferers leave viruses there that can hang around for two days or longer.

What researchers didn't know was how often people caught colds from these types of surfaces versus touching or shaking hands with someone that was contaminated. They found that more than 50 percent of the people who touched these surfaces contaminated with cold viruses subsequently came down with the virus afterwards.

Doctors and scientists have long advised of the importance of frequently washing hands and the use of hand sanitizers to help avoid spreading germs. Clearly, this extends to keeping surface areas such as those mentioned above clean and wiped down to help germs from spreading. 

However, no matter how diligent one may be in keeping exposed areas clean, it is almost impossible to create and live in a completely sanitized world. Everyone needs, at least occasionally,  to go to public areas such as grocery stores, banks, gas stations, etc and risk being exposed to viruses - sometimes quite frequently.   

So how does one protect themselves short of extraordinary sanitation measures? Doctors will tell you that the single best line of defense are the common sense things like maintaining a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and nutrition, sleep and exercise is your best line of defense. And because we are who we are, even the best intentioned person can often fall short of those health goals in today's busy world. Adding nutritional supplements like zinc and beta carotene is a logical addition to help keep the immune system running at its very best.

It is now been widely recognized in multiple studies that an essential trace element is zinc. Zinc is active in a variety of cellular functions, including signal transduction, transcription and replication2 (Vallee & Falchuk, 1993) and strongly influences the immune system affecting both nonspecific and acquired immunity3,4 (Fraker et al, 2000)

Research has begun to clarify the molecular mechanisms underlying the action of zinc on the immune function. It is clear that this trace element has a broad impact on key immunity mediators, such as enzymes, thymic peptides (hormone-like substances secreted by the thymus and playing a key role in regulation of T Cell immunity) and cytokines (a small protein released by cells that has a specific effect on the interactions between cells, on communications between cells or on the behavior of cells. The cytokines includes the interleukins, lymphokines and cell signal molecules, such as tumor necrosis factor and the interferons, which trigger inflammation and respond to infections.), explaining the critical importance of zinc’s status on the regulation of lymphoid cell activation, increase in its production and apoptosis (this means a form of cell death in which a programmed sequence of events leads to the elimination of cells without releasing harmful substances into the surrounding area).

Ongoing and future studies regarding the immunological status of zinc deficiency ‘at risk’ groups could lead to developing public health programs that give nutritional doses of zinc supplements to children and the elderly, who are most susceptible, to prevent attacks and changes of the immune system and improve resistance to infections.5 Giving sufficient zinc supplementation to more susceptible and at-risk individuals could prevent harming the immune system and substantially improve their chances of resisting infections.

Products such as A-Z Immune Booster contains clinical supplemental amounts of Zinc and Beta-Carotene, along with other important immune system boosters such as  blueberry powder, elderberry extract, and honeysuckle. These all work together to create a powerful combination to help the immune system perform at its very best!


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