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Research Backs Up Effectiveness of Starch Blockers

Control Carbs & Your Diet with a Natural Starch Blocker

When one looks in the mirror and decide "enough is enough," it is echoing the sentiments of millions of Americans who are overweight and decide that they need to go on a diet. For the novice dieter, the first thing they typically hit is the local drug or grocery store to see what may be available - and invariably, they are looking for the "miracle" pill that will magically melt all those pounds off without having to change anything in their diet or their routine. And there are plenty of products who promise that plus more.

However, as most dieters who have tried this scenario more than once have found out, it is not as easy as all those products make it sound. With an average success rate of only just 10 percent, dieting is even harder to achieve than quitting smoking!    Are there legitimate, safe products that really help? Yes, absolutely.

Programs such as the home clinical plan (The Active 8 Better Health Better Life Diet Plan) developed by Dr. Steelman are safe, effective and designed to help the dieter gain control of their weight for the long haul - not the short term like so many fad diets on the market today. Backed up by scientific research, the products for the diet plan work to help the body control the amount of blood sugars in the body so as to minimize spikes in the production of insulin which converts sugars into fat. Diet Supplement #2 is a starch blocker composed of Phase 2®, which was the focus of the various studies noted below.

How do starch blockers work? Starch are glucose or sugar molecules that are combined together in long molecular sequences that cannot be absorbed unless they are split off through the digestive process in order for the starch molecules to be absorbed. Starches which can't be digested are turned into a fiber that then passes on through the digestive tract without being absorbed.  Because grains, beans, potatoes, nuts, squash, core and seeds are mainly carbohydrates and composed mainly of starch, the calories from these kinds of starches can be significantly reduced when a starch blocker inhibits the breakdown of the glucose molecules.

Of even more significance, a successful starch blocker can lessen the amount of insulin secreted by the pancreas when it reacts to the eating of a large number of carbohydrates. Insulin is what primarily converts starches and sugars (glucose) and dietary fat into the fat that gets stored by the body. It also hampers the body from releasing any of the fat that is already stored in the body and using it for energy. The more of the sugars that are absorbed, the more the body releases insulin which just loves to turn it into fat.

By significantly reducing the absorption of glucose from ingested starch, a starch blocker can thus reduce insulin and subsequent fat formation. It is important to remember that starch blockers have no effect on simple sugar absorption from white sugar, honey, maple syrup, high-fructose corn sweetener, etc.

A recent study1 by Dr. R. Ballerini of 60 men and women participants who were at least 11 - 33 pounds overweight found that using a starch blocker developed by Pharmachem Laboratories called Phase 2®  enabled participants to lose an average of 6.45 pounds in a 30-day period.

Similar results were obtained by Dr. Udani's study for eight weeks of 50 patients who were classified as obese. The starch blocker users lost more than twice the amount of weight during that time period as the folks who were on the placebo. Dr. Udani noted: “Apparently, the starch blocker substance, when used daily with ingestion of up to 200 grams of carbohydrate, contributed to persistent and steady weight loss….”2 

Another study by Dr. J. Vinson was conducted to test as to whether the starch blocker would inhibit the absorption of starch-glucose. The results of one study was that it reduced it by 66 percent3,4,5,6, in another it was reduced by 57 percent.3,4,5,6   

All of which goes back to the earlier statement, that - yes, you can safely and effectively lose weight with the help of such products as developed by Dr. Steelman for the Active 8 Better Health Better Life Diet Plan. And the diet is put together in such a way as to give the serious dieter a greater chance of success.*  


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. James South, M.A.,

*Active 8 Products does not claim to diagnose or treat any disease and you should consult with your doctor if unsure as to whether you should start any diet program whether with or without the use of The Active 8 Better Health Better Life Diet Plan supplements. These research studies indicate that it is possible that you could experience the same benefits of the Active 8 supplements designed for the diet plan. The Active 8 Better Health Better Life Diet Plan supplements are composed of the highest quality available on the market today and are pharmaceutical-grade. They are 100% guaranteed &  fully refundable if you are not satisfied for any reason.

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