Are You Recessioning Away Your Good Health?

Taking Care of Your Good Health Now Can Pay Off for Your Healthy Future

There is no doubt that we are in troubled financial times throughout the U.S. and the world with the overall U.S. economy contracting the most ever for a six-month period (last fall and this spring) in more than 50 years. By all accounts, Americans have reacted to the past 12 months of economic downturn by tightening their belts, forgoing the more expensive purchases, limiting travel and, according to the Commerce Department, have put more into savings for 3 three consecutive months for the first time in more than a decade.

If you are one of the many who have been fortunate enough to retain your job and decided to cut back on your “free spending” in order to put more in the bank and pay off your credit cards, that’s excellent.  However, there are definitely some areas that you want to keep in mind when determining what should be considered in that category of necessities and that is in the area of preventive self health care. An example of doing those things necessary for good long term health is the taking of high quality supplements to help compensate for the fast-paced, over processed lifestyle so many of us have and not neglecting our own good nutrition.

It’s like putting off the oil change on your car or not getting your teeth cleaned until “later” – by waiting until “later,” all of a sudden you have much bigger problems on your hands than you would have if you had just done the maintenance in the first place. The same thing goes for your body. If you aren’t taking the Omega fish oils that you know are so good for your heart and arteries, then how long down the line will it be before you end up in the emergency room because of a heart attack or stroke from clogged arteries?

In studies by the U.S. Dept of Agriculture, it was found that while 16 percent had what was classified as a “poor diet,” an astonishing 74 percent of Americans have diets that need improving, which means that many of us are literally starving our bodies to death of the valuable nutrients it needs.  And this all comes back to haunt us because it is a fact that inadequate nutrition from poor diets is coupled with four of the top 10 causes of death in the United States: diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer; making it all the more likely that if we are not taking care of our nutrition, we are setting ourselves up for these types of problems in our own health care.

Along with poor eating habits, it has been found by researchers that the amount of key nutrients in foods has dropped during the time period from 1909 to 1994. It has been theorized that this has happened because the soil is not as nutrient-dense as it used to be and because most of what we eat nowadays is processed foods, and that the additional processing has further degraded the nutrients that were contained in the original food source. So not only are we eating smaller amounts of foods that are nourishing and wholesome, but of these foods that we are eating, they contain less amounts of the nutrients than they did in previous times.

Some of the more common nutrient deficiencies in the United States include magnesium, the B vitamins and Folic Acid, iron, zinc, Vitamin D, chromium and fiber.

So think about the choices you make when deciding where to spend your hard-earned valuable dollars and how it can affect you in the long term in terms of your personal health care. It’s up to you to be the caretaker of your own good health – after all, you’re the one that has to live with the consequences!



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