Not all Omega Fish Oil Supplements are the Same

Many over-the-counter fish oil supplements may not be good for you.

     If you take fish oil supplements and you were watching ABC News1,2 on March 3rd, then you may have seen their news report on omega fish oils that should give you pause. ABC reported that a group of environmental scientists tested 10 different over-the-counter fish oil supplements and found that every single one tested contained PCBs. PCBs are man-made chemicals that, when ingested, have been shown to cause a variety of health problems and diseases including cancer.3 

     Dr. Steelman has known that for years, which is why he has refused to put his name on any fish oil supplement, with one exception - the one he personally sets the standards for: Active Omega from the Active 8 company. There is no question as to the enormous health benefits of taking Omega 3 supplements, but you need to be certain they are safe.

     Active Omega is made in an American FDA approved pharmaceutical lab, it is tested 3 times for purity, then they add just a touch of lemon so there is no after taste. It is the safest and most effective Omega-3 fish oil supplement available anywhere, at a price that you can afford. Now it is available in mini-gel caps too, for kids or people who have trouble swallowing pills!


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Dr. Steelman has known for years most over the counter fish oils contain PCBs and other toxins. Which is why he only puts his name on one:  Active Omega is GMP & ISO certified - the highest grade quality you will find anywhere. Plus, with the addition of lemon - there is no fishy aftertaste! Experience the benefits for yourself.
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