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Beta-Carotene Boosts the Immune System

Researchers have determined from several studies that beta carotene can significantly improve clinically important immune responses when supplementation of higher than RDA amounts were consumed in healthy human beings.1

Beta carotene, the most efficient  precursor (a substance from which another substance is formed) for vitamin A, has long been known to be an immune booster, and documented recent studies support these claims. Researchers Kelley and Bendich say that, "Beta carotene supplementation appears to be beneficial for individuals with compromised immune systems, and does not overstimulate the immune responses of healthy adults."1, 2

The elderly can also greatly benefit from additional Beta carotene, especially for their immune system. According to Richard Passwater, Ph.D., in his book, Beta Carotene and Other Carotenoids, beta carotene supplementation has been shown to enhance some, but not all, aspects of cell-mediated immunity in healthy older men.2, 3

As written in the November 1996 issue of f The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,
Michelle Santos, et al, notes that beta carotene may also increase the activity of natural killer cells. This is very important because it has been hypothesized that natural killer (NK) cell activity has an immunologic link between beta carotene and cancer prevention. The article states that, "Our results show that long-term beta carotene supplementation enhances NK cell activity in elderly men, which may be beneficial for viral and tumoral surveillance."2, 4

How does this work? Evidently, beta carotene stimulates a molecule that helps the immune system target and destroy cancer cells. It increases the number of receptors on white blood cells for a molecule that is known as "major histocompatibility complex II" (shortened to the acronym MHC II). MHC II plays a critical role in helping monocytes, a type of white blood cell, to point the killer T cells to cancerous cells (as documented in Cancer Weekly Pluss, Jan 6, 1997 issue). What this means is that beta carotene plays a critical role in telling the immune system to kill cancer cells.2

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