Ready to Lose all The Weight You Want?

Dr. Steelman developed The Better Health Better Life Diet Plan to help people who don't have access to a medical weight loss clinic so that they can lose weight easily and safely.

Contains No Drugs - No Ephedra - No Caffeine!

The Weight Loss Program from a Medical Weight Loss Clinic!

In 30 years of practice, Dr. Steelman has helped more than 30,000 people lose weight and gain a slim trim healthy lifestyle. For the first time, this incredible program is available to you for home use.

Eat normal meals with the food
you buy at the grocery store!

The Active 8 Better Health Better Life Diet Planô program duplicates the very effective clinical bariatric programs which until now, were only available from a Medical Bariatric Clinic.

Now you can have the same benefits of a medical program right in your own home and lose all the weight you want to lose without starving, strenuous exercising or special meals.

Real Comments from Real People
Who Have Been on This Program:

"What I love is that I get to eat real food, thereís no portion control and Iím never hungry."

- Anita Wagoner

(Lost 8 pounds first 10 days)


"I donít even feel like Iím on a diet."

- April McIver

"I lost 12 pounds in the first two weeks - Wow!"

Debbie Guidry


Experience the Benefits of the Active 8 Better Health Better Life Diet Plan Right Now!


Doctor Developed - Clinically Proven To Work - 100% Guaranteed! 



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