Prosta-Men and Restore-MX are great for improving better health for men. Ensures better prostate health and improves male vitality.

Prosta-Men: A highly researched and maximum strength multi-botanical and nutritional supplement that promotes prostate health and urinary functions by helping to shrink the prostate gland and promoting the best flow possible.

Prosta-Men has been shown to greatly help prostate health.

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Prosta-Men has been shown in numerous clinical trials and medical studies to be particularly beneficial in assisting good prostate health without prescription medication or the side effects often associated with prescriptions.*

Ninety-two percent of men taking Prosta-Men reported:
  • Increased flow
  • Fewer bathroom trips
  • Fewer night bathroom visits
  • More comfort in urination
  • Better general health


    Prosta-Men is made with the same rigorous standards and superior quality as all Active 8 products: made in GMP-ISO Certified U.S. Labs to give you superior results! All natural, safe and no known side effects!*

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    Restore-MX is specifically formulated to help with ED and the natural slowing down that is often caused by age, high blood pressure, diabetes and other normal physical conditions.*

    Restore-MX from the Active 8 Company is made in an FDA Approved American Pharmaceutical Labs with pharmaceutical grade ingredients to the highest standards. In clinical trials the vast majority of men reported greater frequency and a much higher stimulation.*

    Restore-MX ensures that men may take the supplement daily and be ready whenever the time is appropriate for intimacy. Safe, effective and affordable.

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