Remarkable New Diet Based on Science of the Body

Program pushing 100% results

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Active 8, LLC company announces the release of a completely new concept in dieting today that is getting nearly 100% results from hundreds of people in clinical and test trials.  The Better Health-Better Life diet plan developed by Michael Steelman, M.D., a leading weight loss specialist, is being distributed through the Active 8 company. This diet is helping people, who in the past have not been good candidates for diets, to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively.

The diet allows all foods to be a part of a healthy eating plan.  Using the science of how the body functions, and eating food in accordance with the body’s need; cravings, hunger and over-indulging are eliminated.  The diet includes supplements that are taken at the start of each meal to help prevent the digestion of fats and carbohydrates, and assist in the burning of stored fat, for increasing weight loss dramatically.

According to Laura McIver, CEO of Active 8, clinical and test trials conducted through test groups have produced virtually 100% positive results.  “Virtually every person on the diet started losing weight within the first few days and continued to lose weight while on the diet,” said McIver. “Not only that, everyone reported immediate health benefits with a decrease in blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

“You are allowed to eat any food you wish on this diet, which means that nothing is off limits,” said Anita Wagoner, group leader for the Active 8 program.  “No special food to buy, no starvation methods, no pre-packaged foods…” said Wagoner.  The cost for the program is about one-fourth of any comparable program with no additional membership fees.

Full details on the new Better Health-Better Life diet is available at: or contact Active 8 at 1-800-465-4411 for more information.