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March 2006 Newsletter!
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Thoughts from Dr. Steelman
Don't Crash and Burn!

     Signs of spring are a-stirring and most likely starting to nag at you that you haven't started on those weight loss goals that you set way back at the beginning of the year as part of your New Year's resolutions.  And because you haven’t started yet or made some half-hearted attempts, I can just bet that your first tendency is to go off the deep-end and “crash diet.” But that’s the worst thing you can do!

     Why? Because your body freaks out and thinks that you are starving it to death when you decide that a very low-calorie diet is the answer to your “getting started” dilemma. Therefore, your current body metabolism slows down to conserve the resources it has (your body fat, muscle) in order to survive. This is one of the reasons why you tend to regain weight when you lose it too quickly.

    Another negative to a crash diet is that when you cut down your caloric intake to less than a 1000 calories a day, about half of the actual weight loss comes from a loss of protein or muscle tissue instead of the fat tissue that was your goal in the first place – and actually increases the percentage of fat in your body! Not exactly the end result you had in mind, I’m willing to bet.

     Other reasons that you may want to rethink the crash diet is the loss of nutrients and the toll that mineral and electrolyte imbalances places on the body that can even be life-threatening! The loss of bone mass is especially detrimental to women since they tend to diet more frequently than men placing them at higher risk for osteoporosis. 

     All in all, losing weight too rapidly is just plain not good sense and should be supervised under your physician’s care. So if you need to lose weight, do it slowly – you’ll be happier,  more safe and more likely to keep it off in the long run!

And remember, you’re always worth it!

diet tips
What does a Healthy Diet Really Mean?

Moderation, moderation, moderation!
Whether you're trying to watch your blood pressure, cholestoral, or lose weight, stay within reasonable boundaries!

Guzzle the fluids, it's better for you!
Drink that water - chances are that you're more dehydrated than hungry!

Stop a binge before it starts by satisfying your taste buds!
Try fruit if you have a sweet tooth or dill pickles if you crave salt!

Don't eat in front of the TV!
If you're not paying attention to your food - you eat more!!

Happy Healthy Eating! 
diet humor

A Touch o' Humor to Brighten Your Day

How can they say I don't get any exercise?  I get lots running back and forth between the living room and the refrigerator!

Why is it that everything tastes good when you're on a diet - even that health food stuff I won't touch any other time!

recipe of the month
Baked Apples with Brown Sugar

Great comfort food coming out of winter!

2 Golden Delicious apples
2 to 3 tablespoons butter
4 tablespoons light brown sugar
Ground cinnamon, for sprinkling
Creamy Custard Sauce, recipe follows

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Wash and dry apples. Cut the apples in half and remove the core but leave any stems intact. Place apples in baking dish. Divide butter among each core cavity. Top each apple half with a tablespoon of sugar and dash with cinnamon.

Bake apples until the flesh is tender and they're bubbly and perfect looking, about 30 minutes. Serve with Creamy Custard Sauce.

Creamy Custard Sauce:
1/2 pint light vanilla ice cream, melted (recommended: Ben and Jerry's)
2 egg yolks

Heat the melted ice cream in a small saucepan over low heat until hot. Meanwhile, put the yolks in a mixing bowl and whisk until smooth. While whisking, slowly drizzle about 1 or 2 tablespoons hot melted ice cream into the yolks until blended. While whisking constantly, slowly add the rest of the hot liquid to the yolk mixture. Pour the mixture back into the saucepan and return to low heat.

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This Month's Question for the Doctor:

  Question: I have an 11 year old son that weighs 150 lbs. Can he take Active 8 product?

  Answer from Dr. Steelman: Active8 should not be taken by children under the age of 12 years unless its use is approved by their physician. A list of ingredients can be found on our website.

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